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The H.W. Rountrees Luggage Co. Inc. as known today was founded in 1875 by Mr. H.W. Rountree Sr. and brother. It was licensed to do business as H.W. Rountree & Bro. Trunks, Bags and Valises. The original building was a four story factory and retail outlet occupying a full city block on West Franklin Street where they manufactured trunks, bags and valises. They had a sales force covering all the better stores in the South and some Northern stores. They were very successful from the start and shortly thereafter were doing over a million dollars in business from the wholesale factory. They were most famous for their roller tray trunks which were patented in 1879. Their first expansion outside Richmond was the opening of a retail luggage store in Atlanta, Ga. about 1914. A second store was opened in Norfolk, Va. in 1916. In 1900 they opened a large Furniture and Luggage store at 111 West Broad Street. The furniture store is still in business but has no connection with Rountrees or do they sell luggage. The Atlanta store was doing well. However a better location became available so they opened their fifth luggage store on F Street close to present location of Beckers. Mr. Rountree Sr. died in 1928 and the sons who were operating the business decided to sell the Atlanta stores, the Norfolk store and the Washington store, consolidating everything in Richmond. This is when the brothers separated, one taking the furniture business and the other opening a new Richmond store at 4th & Grace streets. The Tuerkes bought this store in 1954, after both of the Rountree sons had passed away and The King family acquired it in 1959. The King family opened a new store in the WILLOW LAWN shopping center in 1966.Chesterfield opened in its new location in 1997. Today there are two prominent locations in the Richmond, Va area and two more in Virginia Beach, Va. and Williamsburg, Va.